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ReCC  aims at offering new solutions to construction market applying the  latest technologies available in composite FRP materials.

ReCC  desires to establish a valuable worldwide connection becoming a  reference point for FRP composite solutions in the construction market


ReCC has:

Flexible and dynamic R&D department .

Reactive-Search and development of new products based on effective needs of the market.


Civil engineering, environmental engineering and geotechnical engineering  projects and jobs are becoming more and more complex and operate at very large scale and needs of new cost effective and environmental friendly  solution are required.

The value of the overall project is no longer bound only to the quality of  the single components, i.e. to smart engineering solution and single  simple product, but also to an efficient coordination of the overall  process and to the capacity of finding quickly the most convenient  solution and strongly related to cooperation between engineering and  industry.

Efficient coordination and knowledge brokerage services require a deep insight in the engineering domain, in industrial product availability and in  informatics technologies capable of deliver services and cross-link the  designer-industry-client market.

The peculiarities of the ReCC is a fortunate mix of know-how perfectly corresponding to the market needs:


ReCC s.r.l.

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